It'll be "lights out" for consumers if the climate change bill before Congress is allowed to become law, the Republican National Committee (RNC) warned Monday.

In a PR blitz to kick off the week, the RNC released a web video and sent props to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, warning them to not "tax our lights out" by way of passing the Waxman-Markey bill.

The web video shows several people using appliances around their homes before the power goes out, and they have to light up a candle, after which they facetiously "thank" President Obama.

"Don't let Democrats tax your lights out," a narrator says. "tTell them NO to Cap and Trade."

Additionally, the RNC sent a candle to House members this morning with a note attached.

"If Democrats pass 'Cap and Tax,' this is all the energy American families and businesses will be able to afford," the note says. "Don't tax our lights out!"

"The so-called 'cap and trade' plan proposed by President Obama and Congressional Democrats is nothing but a multi-billion dollar national energy tax on every American family, small business and family farm," RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement.

The new salvo in the debate over Waxman-Markey comes as Congress reaches its deadline to finish the self-imposed deadline to pass the climate change overhaul in the House.

The bill, a top priority for the Obama administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), has hit snags from GOP opposition, and some opposition from centrist Democrats -- especially those on the House Agriculture Committee.