In an apparent effort to unseat yet another Republican in New York, President Obama approached Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) about an ambassadorship to Ireland, the New York Daily News reports.

From the Daily News:
King chose to remain in Congress despite the Democrats' desire to wipe out all the Republican members of Congress in the Northeast.

"I'm shocked [King] didn't pursue it," said an inside source. "He loves Ireland almost as much as he loves the U.S."

Obama in effect reduced New York's House Republican delegation to just two earlier this month when he nominated Rep. John McHugh (R) to be secretary of the army. Only King and Rep. Chris Lee (R) remain in New York's 29 member House caucus.

Democrats have also recently ramped up their attacks on King, insisting that the Long Island Republican is vulnerable. King dismissed the attacks as a "waste of money" in an interview with The Hill.

(Via The Note)