President Obama has settled on a D.C. church congregation to join and it isn't one that was on most onlookers radar screens.

Time Magazine reports that Obama will join Evergreen Chapel, a nondenominational church at Camp David. It is the same church that President George W. Bush joined when he was in office.

Obama's search for a congregation in D.C. has been well documented. Time's Amy Sullivan provides the rationale behind the move:
A number of factors drove the decision - financial, political, personal - but chief among them was the desire to worship without being on display. Obama was reportedly taken aback by the circus stirred up by his visit to 19th Street Baptist in January. Lines started forming three hours before the morning service, and many longtime members were literally left out in the cold as the church filled with outsiders eager to see the new President. Even at St. John's, which is so accustomed to presidential visitors that it is known as the "Church of the Presidents," worshippers couldn't help themselves from snapping photos of Obama on their camera phones as they walked down the aisle past him to take communion.