The U.S. is headed down the same path Germany took in the run-up to World War II, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) charged last night.

In a speech at the Naitonal Press Club promoting his book "Saving Freedom," DeMint said that, like pre-WWII Germany, the U.S. federal government is creating a sense of dependence so it can grab power.

David Weigel caught DeMint's remarks:
Part of what we're trying to do in "Saving Freedom" is just show that where we are, we're about where Germany was before World War II where they became a social democracy. You still had votes but the votes were just power grabs like you see in Iran, and other places in South America, like Chavez is running down in Venezuela. People become more dependent on the government so that they're easy to manipulate. And they keep voting for more government because that's where their security is. When our immigrants get here, they're worried, because they see it happening here. [emphasis added]