House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday she hadn't yet received the briefing that led Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee to accuse the CIA of misleading Congress.

Pelosi, who'd previously accused the CIA of having misled lawmakers about the agency's interrogation tactics, resisted getting involved in a letter Intelligence Democrats sent to CIA Director Leon Panetta this week, demanding he apologize over his agency's briefings to Congress on an unspecified program.

"I have not had that briefing from Director Panetta," Pelosi said in her weekly news conference. " I've seen the letters from the members, and obviously they have concern."

Pelosi wouldn't address whether those claims made by her colleagues had bearing on her own claims about the CIA in May, but said that the Intelligence Committees in both the House and the Senate would be left to conduct their own investigations into the alleged lies.

"I'm sure they will be pursuing this in their regular committee process and that's the way it will go," she said.

For their part, Republicans have accused Democrats on the committee of politicizing the CIA issue and national security.