How is President Obama's relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

There have been several rumors that the two's relationship isn't quite as chummy and Merkel and President George W. Bush's was. And this weekend Bild Magazine of Gemany, referencing this older story from the Washington Post, provides some evidence that they are not getting along.
To Bush, Merkel was practically a heroine. Her long road from growing up in communist East Germany to Chancellor of a unified country was proof to Bush that freedom always won.

He listened to her with fascination when she told him about her life.

Merkel has struggled to reach this level of closeness to Obama, and is often an awkward ally for him.

*HE wants a large offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan. SHE does not want to send German soldiers to the unstable south and refuses to call the operation a war.

*HE wants to send former Guantanamo Bay inmates to Germany. SHE has not agreed to the plans.

*HE wants to save the world economy with a massive rescue package worth billions of dollars. SHE fears inflation and talks openly about her "great skepticism" of government support for ailing economies.