Lawmakers should examine extending a "cash for clunkers"-like program to other products, the principal House sponsor of the bill to authorize the program for auto trade-ins said Monday.

"I think all of that is worth thinking about," Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) told CNBC when asked if a "clunker" program to other large consumer products.

Sutton, a Democrat from Cleveland in her second term, defended the program as one of the most stimulative pieces of spending enacted by Congress this year.

"We can get a lot of bang for the investment," Sutton said. "And hopefully, we'll be smart with our policies out there that can successfully stimulate the economy while helping consumers and accomplish other things."

Sutton called the program for autos, which was overwhelmingly approved for a $2 billion extension by the House last week, "an innovative idea to accomplish multiple goals."

The extension faces a vote in the Senate this week, where procedural rules may make things a bit more difficult for the fast-tracked legislation.

Watch a video of the interview below: