It's far from outrageous to suggest that the elderly would face end-of-life decisions mandated by the government, Sen. Tom CoburnThomas (Tom) Allen CoburnMr. President, let markets help save Medicare Pension insolvency crisis only grows as Congress sits on its hands Paul Ryan should realize that federal earmarks are the currency of cronyism MORE (R-Okla.) said Thursday.

In an interview with an Oklahoma television affiliate said that he disagreed that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) claims about a so-called "death panel" in healthcare reform legislation were ridiculous.

Coburn said that he'd offered three amendments seeking an "absolute prohibition" on rationing based on comparative effectiveness research into treatments.

"Why would you not want an absolute prohibition? Because you ultimately plan to ration care," Coburn said. "Their plan is to control costs by limiting options."

The conservative Oklahoman also slammed Obama, a friend of Coburn's, for having a poor understanding of the healthcare system, and letting the Congress drive the legislation forward as a result.

"He doesn't have a plan," Coburn asserted. "His plan is what has been written in the House, and that's the reason why he's in trouble on healthcare -- because he doesn't know the issue well enough to put out his plan."

Watch the interview below: