Democrats who have balked at supporting healthcare reform, not Republicans, are the problem when it comes to passing a bill this year, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) proclaimed Friday night.

Weiner, who's led a revolt of liberal Democrats in the House this past week against the idea of dropping a public option from the health bill, said that centrist Democrats are out-of-touch with the "mother ship" on healthcare, and encouraged Democrats to unite on the bill.

"One thing we have to stop doing is negotiating against ourselves," Weiner said during an appearance on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. "I mean, every time I turn on the television, find another Democrat or even sometimes the president backing away from the basic principles that are going to make health reform work -- and we have to stop that."

Weiner cast aspersions toward Democratic members of the Senate Finance Committee who have huddled in negotiations with Republicans on healthcare, as well as recalcitrant Democrats in the House.

"I mean, it`s pretty clear, and you had this group of members of the House and Senate, none of whom are in touch with the mother ship," Weiner said. "You know, you have these guy who basically are the problem."

He advised Democrats to work amongst themselves to solve reform.

"I think that what we should be doing is trying to figure out what we, as Democrats, who are elected to turn this country around, what we should be thinking of doing," Weiner added.