President Obama took his pitch for the economic stimulus package to Fort Myers, Fla. today, delivering a speech that hit on similar notes as those sounded yesterday.

"Now, I'm not going to tell you that this plan is perfect," Obama told the crows, borrowing a line from the speeches he delivered yesterday in Elkhart, Ind. and at the White House during his first prime-time news conference. "But I can tell you with complete confidence that a failure to act in the face of this crisis will only bring deepening disaster. Doing nothing is not an option."

Obama promised tax credits to help 195,000 Florida families send children to college as he detailed the tax cuts and spending provisions in his plan.

"This plan will put people to work right now by making direct investments in areas like healthcare, energy, edcation, and infrastructure -- investments that save jobs, create new jobs and new businesses, and help our economy grow again," Obama said, according to prepared remarks.

As Obama was taking questions from the audience, the Senate passed his stimulus package on a 61-37 vote.

The crowd cheered as Obama paused to announce the result of the Senate vote.