Rep. Marcy KapturMarcia (Marcy) Carolyn KapturOhio to vote on redistricting reform Dem lawmaker said revealing clothing can be 'invitation' to harassment: report If we put workers first, all three NAFTA nations will win in a new trade agreement MORE (D-Ohio), one of the most vocal opponent of the bill, blasted backers of the bailout whom she feels has rammed the measure through Congress.

"Will you stand up to them?" she asked her colleagues in her floor speech. "This approach, their approach, will not work."

She added that it won't solve the credit crunch or help Main Street and will only serve to benefit Wall Street.

She also voiced concern over the exclusion of House committees from the bill-making process.

"Only one committee was involved... This bill is just an end run around the American people three weeks before the election while this Congress is skittish."

She added: "Pray for our Republic. She's being placed in uncaring and very greedy hands. "