Pelosi: We'll Stay in Session if There's a Reason To

The House of Representatives will stay in session to consider reforms to U.S. financial regulations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters today--if, that is, there are any reforms to consider.

The House plans to adjourn later this month, as it traditionally does in election years, so representives can return to their districts and campaign for reelection. But with recent turmoil on Wall Street, conservatives have alleged that adjourning would be irresponsible, and Pelosi has faced mounting calls to stay in session and address what some have dubbed a Wall Street crisis.

"If we need to be in session, we will be in session.

It is unlikely that President Bush would sign regulations passed by Democrats, Pelosi said, furthering her criticism of the Bush's history of anti-regulation stances.

"These policies of George Bush and John McCainJohn McCainOvernight Defense: Congress overrides Obama 9/11 veto | Pentagon breathes easy after funding deal | More troops heading to Iraq McCain comments won't derail Bergdahl case Senators already eyeing changes to 9/11 bill after veto override MORE are what got us to this place in the first place.