Poll: Support Rises for Offshore Drilling

Support for more offshore oil drilling has risen according to a new poll from Rasmussen, which reveals that

Just over half (55 percent) agree with Republican presidential candidate John McCainJohn McCainHouse to vote on ObamaCare mandate exemption Tuesday Debate must expose divide between Trump, Clinton on climate change Kaine: ‘I trust Hillary with my son’s life’ MORE's proposal to build more nuclear plants, but 32 percent are opposed. Barack ObamaBarack ObamaCharlotte requires race discussion Hillary, Democrats refuse to have Trump's new debate challenge: Silence WATCH LIVE: Obama speaks at African American Museum opening MORE's proposal to pledge $4 billion in federal aid to the auto industry to build fuel efficient cars is favored by 48 percent, but opposed by 38 percent. His idea to give a $7,000 tax credit to Americans who buy hybrid cars is opposed by 46 percent, but 44 percent are in favor of it.

Among likely McCain voters, 90 percent support more offshore drilling, while 37 percent of potential Obama voters support expanded drilling off U.S. coasts.

Last month House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)--an opponent of more offshore drilling--recessed the House for five weeks without allowing a vote on a national energy bill that included a measure to expand oil drilling. Since then, House Republicans have staged protest sessions on the House floor.

-Katie Stapleton-Paff