Pelosi Seeks Power to Delay Colombian Free Trade Vote

Warning that an immediate House vote on the Colombia free trade agreement would fail, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to delay voting on the deal.

At a Thursday press conference, she said she will have the House decide Thursday on a rule change removing the deadline requiring the House to vote on the deal within 60 days of receiving it from the president. Pelosi said that she disagreed with the president's decision to send the bill this week.

"But the President took his action," she said. "I will take mine tomorrow."

Unions and several Democratic leaders, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have come out against approval of the free trade pact. They have called for expanding programs for U.S. workers displaced by jobs that went abroad and better protections for Colombian union members .
"We're first and foremost here to look out for the concerns of America's working families," Pelosi said.
House Minority Leader John Boehner said that he's disappointed in Pelosi's call for a delay and that he believes that it's an attempt to kill the deal.
"And when you look at the fact that exports are the one silver lining in our economy, why would we avoid dealing with a Colombia free trade issue that can enhance our ability to export products that are produced here, by American workers, around the world," Boehner said.

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