Obama tweet: Health bill opponents 'playing politics with our lives'

President Barack Obama's official Twitter account tweeted that opponents of healthcare reform legislation are 'playing politics with our lives' this afternoon.

While some politicians (including the White House account, @whitehouse) tweet more than once a day, Obama's account has only tweeted 11 times this month.

The Obama administration has been aggressively enouraging Congress to pass legislation by the August recess and now they have taken their efforts to Twitter:
Health care reform opponents scale up attacks, playing politics w/ our lives & livelihood. Fight back: http://bit.ly/1bciXx

The tweet contains a link to an Organizing for America website that features a video of President Obama countering detractors of the health bill and an online petition form supporting the reform package.

Obama appeared at a Rose Garden news conference this afternoon to tout the healthcare reform legislation and is holding a primetime news conference on the topic at 8pm on Wednesday.

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