Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.) accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of silencing his opposition to Democratic legislation. The Texan ran through a litany of incidents on Twitter on Thursday night, suggesting that Pelosi regularly turns off the microphone on the House floor and changed wording in his newsletter.

He even goaded Pelosi into censoring him on "social media."

Culberson also framed debate between Republicans and Democrats as "sunlight/freedom" versus "liberalism."

Regarding Pelosi's censorship, Culberson tweeted late on yesterday night:
Did u know Pelosi forbids repr from saying "gov't run health care" & I can't quote Obama who said "cap & trade will make electr skyrocket"?

Congressmen r forbidden to call Dems "liberal"; cannot call cap & trade "cap & tax" = I can't speak my mind in my own newsletter to CD7=1984

I hope Pelosi tries to silence me on social media as they have shut out opposition voices/debate/sunlight on House floor; it won't work here

Pelosi regularly turns off the microphone on the House floor, shuts off amends, & debate, shuts out all public sunlight, & gets away w it

She has no control over my voice here; I work for Texas & District 7 & I will not be silenced or intimidated; her staff monitors me here too

He seemed particularly miffed at changes to his newsletter Speaker Pelosi allegedly made him include:
Pelosi made change my newsletter headline from "cap and tax" to "cap and trade" or I would be personally liable for all postage/printing

Pelosi also made me delete Obama's own words "Under my cap & trade plan, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket" from my newsletter

The fiery Culberson then challenged his tweeps to choose between the two sides of the partisan debate in Congress:
I am literally conducting a test of the Twitter community tonight: here it is - a stark and very real choice.....

R u more devoted to sunlight/freedom of speech/debate, or to liberalism? Will Twitterverse rise up agnst censorship by top US gov't leaders?

Bombard Pelosi & House leadership; let the sun shine in; post all bills online for 72 hrs bf vote, open debate/amendments & end censorship!

Throughout the climate change and healthcare battles, House Republicans have accused Democratic leaders of silencing debate.

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