A White House blog item posted on Monday issued a warning against "disinformation" being spread around the internet on healthcare reform. White House new media director Macon Phillips requested that readers report to the White House anything online regarding healthcare reform that seems "fishy."

Reason Magazine, a libertarian publication, followed suit by turning in one of their own. Well, sort of.

Reason.tv produced a web video ridiculing the White House's plea. In the video, the narrator says "some might think that seems a bit big brother-ish, but not us and now now. The government takeover of healthcare is too important."

The video "targets" Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman for "spreading lies and misinformation about the Obama administration's healthcare plan."

In a mock interrogation scene Suderman denies "spreading lies," to which the narrator retorts "nice try Suderman, you're lying through your teeth you tool!"

As dreary, spy film-like music plays in the background, the narrator "excoriates" Suderman:
It's not just that you have a principled, intellectual disagreement about incompetent bureaucrats controlling 15 percent of the economy through state-run healthcare. Or that you write regularly about the fact that more than 88 million could potentially lose their private, employer-based coverage. It's that you're using reliable sources, data from the CBO, and cold hard facts to scare people.

See for yourself: