Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.) launched a tirade at a town hall meeting about a highway project in his district on Friday, accusing audience members who asked about healthcare reform of being outsiders who "hijacked" his meeting.

"Those of you here who have taken, who have came, who hijacked this event that we're dealing with here," Scott said.

"I'm listening to my constituents. These are people who live in the 13th congressional district, who vote in this district," he added.

In fact, Scott directed his remark at Dr. Brian Hill who is a resident of the 13th district. Hill asked why Scott "voted for" healthcare reform "that is shown not to work in the state of Massachusetts."

Scott's outburst came during the meeting's question and answer session in which constituents were allowed to ask questions on any topic. A local NBC affiliate in Atlanta captured video of the meeting.

The Georgia Democrat became increasingly enraged after some in the audience disputed his remarks.

At one point, Scott stood up and pointed to the audience, shouting "you want a meeting with me on healthcare? I'll give it to you!"

Here is video: