A group of protesters thought they were attending one of Sen. Blanche Lincoln's (D-Ark.) town hall meetings, instead they showed up to a fundraiser to which they didn't intend to flock.

40/29 TV in northwest Arkansas reported on Sunday that "an e-mail from Washington" was sent to Arkansas residents announcing the meeting.

When the protesters arrived on the scene on Saturday, they found Lincoln, who is a centrist Blue Dog, speaking to the Benton County Democratic Summer Rally. People wanting to attend had to pay $5 and were not allowed to carry in signs.

Fundraiser attendees said the event was always intended to be private, but that didn't stop some of the 100 protesters from voicing their disappointment at the e-mail.

"We were first told it was going to be a town-hall meeting, and then at night it changed. And so we found out this morning it was in a different place and in a different venue," said protester Rebecca Floyd.

"I came here today to speak to my congressman, and she has ducked me for the last several months," said protester Thomas Alsobrook.

Lincoln apologized for the confusion after the event. She told 40/29 News "I think it was just a misguided e-mail that confused people."

It is unclear if Lincoln will hold town hall meetings over the recess. She has held other events about healthcare reform in August.