House GOP Whip Eric CantorEric Ivan CantorEric Cantor: Moore ‘deserves to lose’ If we want to make immigration great again, let's make it bipartisan Top Lobbyists 2017: Hired Guns MORE wants his conference to keep up the good work and continue hosting town hall meetings, according to an email obtained by the Hill on Monday.

Cantor's weekly recess whip letter to GOP lawmakers included news items on the increasing number of town hall meetings that his colleagues have added to their recess itineraries. Thus far, the Republicans have been hearing from like-minded disgruntled constituents opposed to the president's landmark healthcare reform plan.

In the email, freshman Rep. Lynn Jenkins (Kan.) - a deputy whip - lists a several "town hall best practice" ideas:
Focus your opening remarks on Republican solutions; invite panelists with local expertise on health care to help lead the discussion and promote the event with their member organizations (e.g. state medical society, state hospital association, hospital CEO, surgical center administrator, and local doctors); in addition to inviting press to each event, give your local paper the option of having the congresswoman/man stop by to talk before or after.

Here is the actual memo:

To: Whip Team Contacts
Re: Weekly Whip Team Recess Email

Reminder: If you and your boss are willing to share your recess activities, press coverage, or a best practice (i.e. something that has worked well at a town hall), please let us know. This week, we've included a "Whips in the News' section to the weekly best practices below.


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