The Club for Growth, one of Washington's leading conservative interest groups, has created a blog dedicated to "dumb laws."

The group will use it to identify and mock laws it sees as pointless. So far, targets have been a Senate resolution honoring soil as a natural resource, a House resolution supporting the goals of Financial Literacy Month, and a bill authorizing a $5 million grant program for rare cat and dog conservation activities, among others.

The aim of the site is to "clamp down on the inanity that pervades our country," according to the group.


"Every time a dumb law is enacted, or even proposed, one more lobbyist is emboldened. One more page is added to the law books. And one more politician gains confidence in subjecting the masses to even more idiocy," the group said today in an announcement email.

Many of the laws discussed on the blog deal with taxes and spending, as The Club for Growth advocates primarily for conservative economic policies.