Democratic Lawmakers to Use Tax Day to Highlight War Spending

Eight Democratic lawmakers and three activist groups will use tax day to call attention to the cost of the Iraq war, ceremonially presenting taxpayers tomorrow with a jumbo-sized IRS 1040 form showing how much each American family owes for the war.

Participating lawmakers are Reps. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.), Jim McGovern (Mass.), Peter Welch (Vt.), Lloyd Doggett (Texas), Keith Ellison (Minn.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), and Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas). The groups are USActon, Americans United for Change, and Iraq Campaign 2008. The lawmakers and groups will gather on the Cannon terrace at 10 a.m.

According to Schakowsky's office, the war has cost $526 billion directly with a $1.3 trillion on the U.S. economy. When that sum is divided, Schakowsky's office says, it leaves the average American family with a $16,500 cost for the war.