Rocker Ted Nugent accused Attorney General nominee Eric HolderEric H. HolderSessions defends Lynch's use of an email pseudonym: 'I have a pseudonym' Holder: Sessions is ‘racially insensitive’ and ‘racially unaware’ Let's start giving media manipulation the attention it deserves MORE on Tuesday of having a "long, ugly record of attacking freedom."

The Motor City Madman, who in recent years has been very public with his conservative views particularly on gun rights, shared his not-so-admiring thoughts about Holder and President Obama at the conservative blog Human Events:
Both President Obama and Mr. Holder are avowed gun-control zealots--typical of the loony, anti-freedom wing of the Democratic Party. Do not believe President Obama's or Mr. Holder's thinly veiled statements about supporting an individual's right to own guns, but rather review their previous career long, freedom-restricting, gun-grabbing statements.

Mr. Holder has a long, ugly record of attacking freedom. He has consistently supported gun bans, raising the age that someone can purchase a weapon, supporting registration and licensing, waiting periods, and his all-time favorite-the felon's dream of gun-free zone sheeple.

Fact: Mr. Holder has never met a socialist gun control measure he did not like.

Nugent has appeared on TV talk shows to cook food that he has killed, and he once fired a rifle at an electric keyboard during the opening an of an instructional guitar video.

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