A Long Island man said he's had to hide his vanity license plates that read "OBAMA" because thieves keep trying to steal them.

Jonathan Lifschutz, a Barack Obama supporter from Great Neck, N.Y., told the New York Post that he's put his old plates back on his Saab and his vanity plates in his trunk.

"Those plates will probably, at some point, become a collector's item -- in someone else's house," he joked to the Post. "I decided that they will best be preserved if I took them off and just carried them in the car."

Lifschutz said he was initially a backer of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). But he switched his support to Obama -- and got the vanity plates -- after Bill Clinton downplayed Obama's South Carolina primary win in January. Lifschutz said he has already caught one man trying to take the plates straight from his car.