Hispanics are poised to benefit from policies by the Trump administration
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Hispanic Heritage Month is important to me. As it should be important to all Americans. As important as Black History Month is, and Jewish American Heritage Month is, and all other months dedicated to those who have not only made the United States their home, but have also moved here to make powerful impacts, to contribute to their communities, and to positively influence and enrich our nation and societies.

As the Hispanic community has made its positive strides in the past, and currently as well — as Americans we should only expect many more positive impacts from this community. Being a Hispanic myself, I know how hard-working and dedicated this community is. But quite frankly, it breaks my heart to see and hear of them being distraught and worried about President Trump and his administration. Many believe this community to be completely opposite from President Trump and that they are completely against him.

But the reality, a fact that many don’t understand, is that Hispanics both here and in their home countries believe in many of the ideas and policies of our president. They believe in immigration reform, they want more jobs, they respect law enforcement and their responsibilities.

But you know who I blame? The mainstream media and Democratic obstructionists, who would rather see this community scared and worried than working alongside President Trump to help it prosper. Since day one, these groups have been feeding messages of hate, racism and adversity to the Hispanic community, motivating them to be against our president.

President Trump has been communicating and working with all communities, especially the Hispanic community, to relay his plan. They include messages of hope, growth and commitment to bettering the country for all citizens where they live, and for those who want to live here.

Immigration is a topic always brought up when speaking about Hispanics. The media seems to not understand that there are other important issues that pertain to the Hispanic community, but immigration reform is the hot topic that the media likes to pin against President Trump, whom they deem “completely against Latinos.”

That isn’t true. The president has said time and time again that he loves Hispanics. He stands with them. He understands that many Hispanics have made positive contributions to the United States.

He wants Hispanics to want to come to the United States, to want to start new lives here, work here and contribute, but on a legal basis, as everyone should.

This doesn’t mean anti-Hispanic, or anti-immigration. What this means is most certainly pro-immigration, but pro-legal immigration, and that is something that goes for those from every other country in the world, not just those from Latin America.

When speaking about jobs, President Trump has stated that he would be one of the greatest jobs presidents that this country will have, and so far, he has been just that. Since his inauguration, unemployment rates have fallen and will continue to fall. There have been well over 1 million new hires all across this country, and those are for everyone, including Hispanics. They are opened to the same opportunities as any other American born here, or anyone who immigrated here. But the one thing he has been asking everyone is to work hard. That’s a given.

The United States is the greatest country in the history of the world — it only makes sense to have the best of the best people living here, regardless of where they are from. One of the largest problems the media has is that they are very prejudiced in their own way. They tend to relate certain issues, like immigration and deportations, to Hispanics. But another reality check from them is that all issues that pertain to Hispanics, blacks, Asians and Muslims living here, issues that pertain to you and your community, pertain to everyone in our country.

President Trump is helping no community more than the other. He sees all as equals. Equal to all of the same opportunities, equal in rights, and equal potential to prosper how they want.

As it is Hispanic Heritage Month, again, we celebrate those who have made positive and productive impacts in our lives, so we should only expect more greatness. Just another example of what makes America great. And I believe that President Trump is helping with that.

Andrade is an adviser on President Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council and National Diversity Coalition and a policy adviser for America First Policies, a pro-Trump nonprofit organization.

The views expressed by this author are their own and are not the views of The Hill.