Some of the nation's top political commentators, legislators and intellectuals offer insight into the biggest question burning up the blogosphere today. Today's question: 

Will breaking off their recess to pass a $26B state aid package help House Democrats this fall? 

Dean Baker, co-director, Center for Economic and Policy Research: 

It will help politicians who vote to protect jobs and to ensure that kids get a decent education. 

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of 

Nothing short of a miracle will help the Democrats this fall. The country is in the midst of an ongoing economic depression. We are at war on several fronts. People are losing their jobs, their homes and whatever hope they once had that things will improve any time soon. What this adds up to is a debacle for the Dems no matter how you “spin” it. 

Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at UC-Irvine: 

This will only help select candidates in the most heavily impacted states and only in a small degree. It’s a phrase or two in the campaign lit. The weight of a down economy will likely more than compensate everywhere else to crush the Dems. 

Alan Abramowitz, professor of political science at Emory University: 

Yes, anything that can improve the employment outlook is helpful. 

John F. McManus, president, John Birch Society:

Sad to admit, there are many Americans whose vote can be bought with federal aid of one kind or another. Some voters will always respond by choosing candidates they believe are showering funds their way. Creating a $26 billion aid package will mean either borrowing more from the likes of China or Japan, borrowing from the American people, or creating the money out of thin air via the Federal Reserve. In any case, our heavily indebted federal government (already $13 trillion in the red) is deepening the hole in which the nation has been placed. Federal aid to the states is simply a vote-buying process for some incumbents. The federal government should not be doling out funds to anyone. This process has to be terminated along with all forms of deficit spending or the nation will continue down the path to suicide.