I swear in on January 6th but I’m already in Washington because so many things are happening that I have to be around.

It’s been nonstop since I got elected. I got elected by a very wide margin, larger than anytime in the last forty years in Puerto Rico. First, I participated in the freshman orientation and I met with the leadership. Then, I went back home for a couple days and then came up for an optional training we had at Harvard University at the Institute of Politics and that was very rewarding and interesting.

I participated in the caucus meetings. The first one was when Henry Waxman was elected the new Chair of the Energy and Commerce committee. Now, I’m participating this week in the caucus meetings and conferences relating to the economic situation we’re facing and all the relief that is being considered.

In the coming weeks I’ll continue to recruit my staff, and I’ll keep preparing so that when I start January 6th, I hit the ground running.

I chaired Obama’s campaign in Puerto Rico so I’m enthused about what’s happening and these are exciting times but there’s no time to waste. Puerto Rico has been suffering from recession for three years so we have a two year head start on this economic malady we’re facing and if there’s any place in the U.S. that needs to participate in Obama’s economic recovery plan that is Puerto Rico. That is going to be my main priority coming in and I’m just getting ready for it