Today is a first for Congress. The next Congress will see more Asian American members of Congress than ever before. As chairman emeritus of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, this is everything I've worked to create and I’m thrilled to see Congress more diverse than the day I started. (That goes for the more Hispanic American 113th Congress, the first openly gay Senator in history, and the first Asian American woman in the Senate too.) Congress is slowly, but surely, starting to better represent America.

Today is also a voting first. Having traveled the country during this election, getting out the Asian American and Pacific Islander vote in swing states like Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia, I know that we witnessed the highest voter turnout ever among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  We moved the dial of democracy forward and more minorities voted than ever before.

This is what democracy looks like: It is a kaleidoscope of language, culture, and color, and what an incredible record-breaking moment this is for America. The rainbow of our races have spoken and we are better as a nation for it.

Honda is vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee and chairman emeritus of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus: