Access to capital remains an issue for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With the recent financial debacle came financial institutional pull back that we haven't seen in a long time. While the Feds have made more money accessible, cheap, and even free to lending institutions, those same institutions have decided to use those funds for other uses rather than lending to small business owners. Congress should recognize this fact and realize that short of mandating those institutions to circulate those funds, it simply won't happen.  

Our country suffers from basic infrastructure dilapidation, with poor roads and schools. Each of these local projects would do much to spur small business growth, a vital part of our economy. Investing in our infrastructure may well be the only way we are firmly on the road to recovery. It will touch every facet of our economy from loans to manufacturing, design to finishing, and all the ancillary businesses that would both support and benefit the effort.

I could go on I guess, but bringing up a million things that Congress could do, knowing that both Congress and a well-educated high school graduate could figure out the above, it would be redundant. God Bless America and it's do-nothing Congress!

Hollis is CEO and president of Trinity Protection Services.