How Democrats can save themselves

Congressional Democrats, and the Democratic Party as a whole, are at a real turning point. The stakes are not only control of the public agenda over the next two years but also the possibility of a national political realignment in 2012.

Democrats appear not to recognize what brought them to their present perilous state or to have thought through their tactics for survival in November's off-year elections.


Giving the US nonprofit sector a seat at the federal table (Rep. Betty McCollum)

Nonprofit organizations play an important but little understood role in the U.S. economy.   Almost 10 percent of the U.S. workforce is employed by the nonprofit sector, according to the Congressional Research Service.  That's roughly the same number of Americans who work in the manufacturing sector.  According to the Government Accountability Office, as much as 5 percent of the U.S. GDP was produced by the nonprofit sector.


The Big Question: Was the Tea Party right to oust faction leader?

Some of the nation's top political commentators, legislators and intellectuals offer insight into the biggest question burning up the blogosphere today.

Today's question:

Was the Tea Party federation right to dismiss Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams over a racially charged letter?

Background reading here.


Here come the moderates

Sen. Scott Brown just announced that he is backing financial reform legislation. Now the bill's supporters are just a single vote shy of having 60 votes in favor, enough to clear procedural hurdles and send the highly anticipated legislation to President Obama’s desk.


Oil soaked: Because it pays the bills

While great minds grapple with the forensic analysis of what happened in the Gulf and how to stop it from happening in the future, Congress must turn its eye to tomorrow. It is time to craft legislation that spurs innovation in alternative fuels. In fact, it is time for alternative fuels to be the norm.