The McClellan Flip

The popular Union General George McClellan, who as the Democratic candidate promised to end the Civil War by negotiating with the Confederacy, lost to Abraham Lincoln in 1864 because of the Union's military successes in the field. Lincoln wanted to persist in fighting to total victory. The presidential election of 2012 may see a reversal of roles: a popular general could make a campaign issue of the winning the Afghan War, while an apparently timid President grapples with his promise to begin drawing down the troops by August 2011.


A dose of political humility would help in fixing the economy

While Congress was on vacation, unemployment crept up to 9.6 percent nationwide. For District of Columbia, it was even worse with a rate of 9.9 percent in August. The economy, after all of the rhetoric, finger-pointing and stimulus, has moved all the way from "free-fall" to "standing still."


Why 2010 doesn’t have to be a repeat of 1994

Political analysts routinely argue that we are heading for a 'wave' election come November. But my 1994 Congressional re-election defeat in Kansas suggests that waves aren’t inevitable, and that there are several lessons that incumbents today might apply to their races if they hope to survive in this tough political climate.


The Congressional Republicans' Pledge: What if the Rubber Hit the Road?

Last night, we got a preview of the Congressional Republican “Pledge to America.” This morning – at a small business that would likely benefit from the President’s plan to help small businesses – they unveiled the full thing. As news reports have already noted, there weren’t many new ideas in it, and the document was largely fluff obscuring a return to the same old special interest policies that caused this recession.  But a close look at what the real-life implications of their “pledge” would be if enacted are nothing short of alarming:


Fair elections – a bipartisan boon

This week, for the first time in decades, Congress has a chance to clean up its own house through the Fair Elections Now Act.  Some may think that this bill will only benefit one party but history has shown that Fair Elections will be a boon to candidates of all political stripes.  And a greater selection of candidates is good for voters.


America’s vote fraud epidemic

Headlines tell of the recent rash of vote fraud infecting the nation.  From accusations and indictments to convictions, 2010 has been a busy year for prosecutors dealing with vote fraud issues.


Behind the lines: Automated call technology’s busy season

As we head into the final months of campaigning, I think it is important for candidates and organizations that run automated calls to understand how their calls are set up and run as the volume of phone contact increases.

Many people think these calls are all the same, and for the most part leading up to the last couple of weeks of the election, that is the case since the volume is relatively light.  However all delivery systems and carriers are not the same, and many times clients are unaware of this until it is too late.