To be fair, I sort of like Mitt Romney (the other candidate still standing) because he is so much like my party’s candidate for President, Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump's tariffs are a case of crony capitalism Obama to visit Kenya, South Africa for Obama Foundation in July Overnight Energy: EPA declines to write new rule for toxic spills | Senate blocks move to stop Obama water rule | EPA bought 'tactical' pants and polos MORE.  Mitt went to Harvard, once supported a universal mandate for healthcare, seems to be owned by Wall Street banks, and is willing to stand by and “let the market work itself out” as millions of Americans lose their homes to foreclosure, just like my President. I continue to support President Obama because I can’t bear the thought of another Clarence Thomas or Anthony Scalia being appointed to the bench. Because I may someday qualify for Social Security, I believe in affordable, accessible healthcare for all Americans, and I don’t want to break up the families of the hard working immigrants that help build up this country. And I continue to support President Obama because I believe our taxes should pay for police to patrol Stockton, California, and Jersey City rather than Bagdad or Kabul.

But I digress…back to Colbert.

Obviously Colbert is no more serious a candidate than he takes himself, but our political process has become so prostituted by money that he is no less legitimate than those candidates who con some rich guy into buying them 15 minutes of fame. With his candidacy and his Super PAC, Colbert is calling attention to the most pressing political question of our time: If money truly equals “free speech,” why should anyone listen to what an average voter has to say? Want to put in your two cents? Sorry, the price just went up. Super PACs spent more than $67 million during the 2010 election cycle, and are on track to spend substantially more this cycle. Think you can compete?

If corporations are people (forefathers must be spinning in their graves), then can Wal-Mart voting be far behind? I can hear Wolf Blitzer now, “CNN projects Colonel Sanders has just carried Kentucky and takes that state’s eight Electoral College votes.”  Colbert's fake conservative persona routinely takes on serious political issues in a very silly way, while some in the media continue to focus on petty political arguments that it believes should be taken seriously.
I trust Colbert because he has the intellect to see politics and politicians as they are, and is not afraid to humble them or stand up to bullies and bigots.  His wit is as sharp as a Ruth’s Chris steak knife, his mind is as agile as OJ running through an airport in his prime.  Yes, that Colbert, he’s a contender!  With the slogan of “making a better tomorrow, tomorrow,” how could he lose?