Over the course of the last year, the financial industry has been focused on staying one step ahead of the curve-–looking forward to the next great opportunity not only for our own interests, but those of the consumers we work with each day building a lifetime of trust.

Today, the industry faces a critical moment, one that requires a reinvigorated approach. As the industry has evolved, so have our needs and goals. To help better serve the financial industry's growing priorities and to help chart a successful course for our continued advancement, NAVA has undergone a complete rebranding–-becoming the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI).

IRI is a truly comprehensive identity, one that best reflects the association’s new mission, and the people and organizations that IRI proudly represents. IRI will also focus on the best interest of the consumer and improved productivity of the industry based on enhanced consumer confidence in the value they receive from annuities and insured retirement planning. And we will be vigorously advocating our positions to the Hill and the states like never before. IRI represents a new direction, not only for our Association, but the entire insured retirement industry and the consumers that invest in our strategies. Members and consumers will immediately begin to see the efforts of IRI through the association’s new, interactive online presence, proactive advocacy agenda and education and information outreach. Please visit the new online headquarters of the IRI to experience the vast resources of the Insured Retirement Institute for yourself.