Economists say that skyrocketing debt and reckless spending in the form of legislation such as the stimulus bill create an uncertain environment that stifles job growth. That is why Republicans are working hard to reform Congress and create a better environment for job growth. Early Saturday morning, the House passed H.R. 1, a historic $100 billion spending cut and the first Continuing Resolution in history to be debated under an open process where lawmakers from both parties could offer and debate amendments. Both the spending cut and the process used to pass it are key parts of fulfilling the Pledge to America.

Now as part of our focus on job growth, committees in the House are working to remove unnecessary regulations, and we’re aggressively looking at new ways to cut spending. This includes entitlement reform. The President failed to make any proposals that deal with two-thirds of our spending in his proposed budget, but I am working with House Leadership to come up with common sense solutions that put our country on the path to prosperity.

In addition, as RSC (Republican Study Committee) Health Care Working Group Chair, I wrote a letter to the President asking him to stop implementing ObamaCare in the wake of Judge Vinson’s ruling that the entire act is unconstitutional. As the Chief Executive of the United States charged by the U.S. Constitution to enforce the law, members of the RSC asked that the President respect the rule of law as declared by a co-equal branch of the Federal government and require each executive agency to discontinue with implementing the act.

Spending cuts, entitlement reform and removing unconstitutional regulations are essential solutions that will promote job growth. Tough decisions need to be made in order to get us there, but I am willing to make those tough decisions in order to keep our nation strong and prosperous.