Congressman BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerDems face hard choice for State of the Union response Even some conservatives seem open to return to earmarks Overnight Finance: Trump, lawmakers take key step to immigration deal | Trump urges Congress to bring back earmarks | Tax law poised to create windfall for states | Trump to attend Davos | Dimon walks back bitcoin criticism MORE, you will not find this group agreeing with the actions of President Obama too often, but on this issue we and the President find common ground.  The President, in his time in the Senate, stated that an increase in the debt ceiling is a failure of leadership. Based on the most recent vote, we are not sure how we can define this action any differently. 

It will be extremely difficult for this group to determine the success of your leadership as it is now underscored behind an additional mountain of debt. Only a politician could view a massive increase in the debt ceiling as a success. The country was crying out for leadership and a clear direction, while all we received was constant scheming and posturing for votes in 2012.

We appreciate the appearance of the potential for a Balanced Budget Amendment, much like the appearance that legitimate spending cuts will be made by a Congressional “Super” Committee.  However, we look to existing Public Law 95-435, which states, “Sec 7. Beginning fiscal year 1981, the total budget outlays of the Federal Government shall not exceed its receipts.” This was signed into law by Jimmy Carter in 1978 following the Bretton Woods agreement. 

The law already exists, but we still are required to push and fight for accountability that should already be present. In fact if the current law does not restrict Congress, why should we believe a Constitutional amendment or the direction of a Super Committee is followed? This entire saga played out as a great rating bump for the media, but in the end left the American people holding the bill for more political posturing and a total lack of statesmanship. 

You chose to defend your elected office and that of your peers over the will of the people you represent. We regret the decision you have made, as you must regret the years you wasted defending the country, to give it all up when you had the sole ability to change the indebted course of this great nation. We now know all too clearly what position you will take in the future.


The Liberty Groups of District 8

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