Renewed focus needed on American economy

As President Obama seeks to gain re-election, he needs to follow the economic blueprint set forth by the late Ron Brown, former Commerce secretary under President Bill ClintonBill ClintonDems to Clinton: Ignore Trump on past scandals Clinton's ace in the hole: Obama Eric Trump: Clinton 'filled with scandal' MORE. Brown was a proponent of utilizing the power of the market to serve the public good. He viewed business, trade and exports as a way to cultivate the U.S. economy. Brown believed that by rediscovering the hope and potential of entrepreneurship and innovation, small and medium-sized businesses could flourish in this great country of ours.

Now is that time, Mr. President. We must cut the corporate tax rate in order to nurture and develop increased investment in U.S. companies. Such action is necessary to curb unemployment and bolster the job market. In order to become more globally competitive and strengthen our economy, we must lower capital-gains taxes and firmly support free and fair trade. We must extend credit to entrepreneurs and innovators that will lead us forward and help show Americans that you can be pro business and pro worker as well.
President Obama needs to transform himself into the pro-business Democrat we need. Democrats must embrace business and show leadership the way former President Bill Clinton did, as a pro business Democrat. Obama must highlight the role that business plays in advancing our nation and our people. He must reinvigorate a trust in business because business is the force that will create new jobs and revitalize the economy. To this end, we need forward-thinking policies that stimulate growth. We need to put aside our differences in order and work together to build a better future for all Americans.
If President Obama wants the American people to give him another four years, he must provide solutions and ideas such as the ones outlined above. The past four years have been a promising start, but the time has come to take clear and decisive action. The time has come to enact the change once promised.
Reid is the managing director of BGR Group, a leading Washington, D.C.-based government affairs, public relations and investment group. He was a senior staff aide to former Vice President Al GoreAl GoreAn all-female ticket? Not in 2016 Green Party could be election spoiler Even in defeat, Trump could harm the country irreparably MORE, former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo.

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