It is somewhat ironic that the Democratic Congress, which has enacted legislation that swept $883 billion of congressional Pay-Go rule violations under the rug over the past several years, now wants Pay-Go to become law again as well. Pay-Go already exists as a rule; we just don't enforce it around here. While the Administration and its Democratic supporters in Congress claim they're for Pay-Go, their legislative Pay-Go proposal explicitly states that it won't apply to the AMT fix and to the doc fix exercise, as it has in the past.  And while ordinarily the Senate Pay-Go point of order would have applied to health care reform legislation, the congressional budget resolution exempted that legislation from having to be deficit-neutral in the first five years.

Waving the Pay-Go banner has served as convenient political cover for the majority as it exploits loopholes and continues its big-government spending ways. Despite the President’s photo opportunity this week, I do not expect that dynamic to change significantly, especially since the President’s budget passed by the Democratic Congress dramatically explodes the size of government.

According to the Democrats’ budget, the trillions in new spending are not offset by any real spending cuts; instead, taxes will be raised and the rest will be borrowed from our children and grandchildren. Public announcements of fiscal responsibility should be weighed against the fact that Pay-Go has been turned into a fraudulent exercise by the majority party.