The Democrats’ irresponsible war funding “deal” on the Fiscal Year 2009 emergency war funding legislation will put international bailouts ahead of American troops.

The final war funding conference report will allegedly include $5 billion in funding for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the purpose of bailing out recession-affected foreign governments. In order to pay for this plan, defense and military funding in the legislation would be cut below the level passed by the House.

The reported deal struck between House and Senate Democrat leaders will bail out foreign governments at the expense of our troops and provide international giveaways while our own economy is suffering. This irresponsible action puts the President’s questionable IMF policy experiment above our military, our security, and our economic stability here at home.

Yet again, the Democrat majority is shortchanging our troops and disregarding the plight of American taxpayers. Should this ‘deal’ stand, I will not support this legislation. However, I look forward to working out these issues in a proper and open conference committee on this legislation.