Weighing in at $6.7 trillion, the Lieberman/Warner cap-and-trade bill is one of the largest and most destructive tax hikes ever proposed.

How can Washington lawmakers think of passing such a huge tax increase – crushing American industry, killing American jobs, adding to taxpayers’ excessive burden – when Americans are already suffering from a recession?

Recently I joined 102 federal, state, and local lawmakers in signing a pledge from Americans for Prosperity declaring that if we do pursue this dangerous course, that at the very least we should prevent these funds from backing pork projects for special interests.  Otherwise, this cap-and-trade bill is nothing but a recipe for corruption.

At the same time, lawmakers must consider dual-benefit policies, which both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on foreign oil, without hiking taxes or damaging the economy. Examples of dual-benefit policies include: increasing energy efficiency (e.g. more fuel-efficient vehicles and better insulation in buildings) or expansion of our renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, nuclear and hydroelectric power.  These policies will reduce greenhouse gasses and reliance on foreign energy. They will also create energy jobs here at home.

The bottom line is this: Americans are hurting and they need politicians who are looking out for them – not special interests.  I urge each and every one of my colleagues to join me in signing this pledge and standing up for the American people.