Consumer Confidence Must be Considered (Rep. Shelley Moore Capito)

I think the hearing was good because they’re much more specific in their plans. But there’s still a lot of questions.

Is it just a Band-Aid on a problem. At the end of March coming back, are they still teetering on bankruptcy? I think that is one of the questions I wanted to hear, what would bankruptcy do?

Getting confidence back in the marketplace is another thing I would like to see more of these funds go towards -- helping consumers get back involved in buying automobiles. But I’m not sure that was one of the targeted areas.

I thought the hearing was good, it’s a difficult issue. By having auto dealers and other people putting a face on this problem in everybody’s district has opened a lot of eyes and the cascading effect of small businesses and suppliers.

Comments were made while speaking to reporters after the House Financial Services Committee hearing on December 5, 2008.

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