The amendment I proposed would have made a simple change to the Findings section of the bill to clarify that Congress has the constitutional responsibility to fund the federal government, not the president.
When it comes to addressing our deficit, the House majority has not served as a legitimate broker.
I can guarantee that when the majority introduces their budget this month, it will be so extreme that it has no chance of passing both Houses. This is because Republicans are more focused on passing budgets that message well than introducing a budget that both the House and Senate can agree to.  
These budgets don’t stand a chance of passing the Senate simply because the GOP refuse to compromise on anything. How many of their budgets end Medicare as we know it? What makes them think that the Senate would pass a budget that goes back on our promises?
The budgets passed by the House Republicans are less valuable than the paper they are written on. They do nothing to bring both sides of the aisle together and are a complete waste of time and taxpayers money.
The Republican Caucus seems to be able to come together for meaningless proposals, but they know that when it comes to sensible legislation, such as preventing us from going over the fiscal cliff or providing aid to Sandy victims, the 218th vote will have to come from a Democrat.
What this tells us is that the only thing allowing the House Republican Caucus to govern is the House Democratic Caucus.
Year after year, the House Republican leadership has chosen do anything within its power to discredit the president instead of working to solve our nation’s challenges. Democrats are waiting for our friends on the other side of the aisle to begin operating in good faith. Only then will Congress finally be able move forward and properly conduct the American people’s business.
Takano represents California’s 41st Congressional District and serves on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.