Sequestration means unemployment for workers, uncertainty for families and businesses, and instability for our economy. Severe spending-cuts-is not the only viable solution to the nation’s deficit problem, but comprehensive cuts and increases in taxes on the wealthiest Americans will create a logical outcome for the economy and American families. Some solutions should include slow spending on federal programs, limit tax deductions to 28 percent for the wealthiest and close other loopholes and cuts to non-health mandatory savings.
Sequestration cuts take effect immediately and will impact children, seniors, people with mental illness and men and women in uniform. Our country cannot continue to move from one crisis to the next if we intend to run a government by the people for the people. It is important the American public understand that sequestration is not a hoax or a fear mongering tactic, but a serious threat to hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Sequestration lurks over Congress and American citizens benefits and services consequently, it is incumbent upon both Democrats and Republicans to act to end sequester.