If the SBA’s Office of Advocacy’s intentions are to help small businesses, why do they remain silent about this issue? Why do they focus on lending and regulation when some of the largest corporations in the world are receiving contracts intended for small businesses? Each year Coca-Cola, Verizon, General Electric, Pepsi and countless other Fortune 500 firms each receive millions of dollars in small business contracts. The SBA Office of Advocacy does absolutely nothing to address this problem and Sen. Lincoln’s group, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), won’t even acknowledge the issue.

As the chairwoman of the NFIB’s Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations Coalition, Sen. Lincoln represents a group that calls itself “the voice of small business.” However, in February Politico reported that Sen. Lincoln was hired by Walmart as an outside consultant. In addition, reports have recently exposed the NFIB for lobbying for large corporate interests that counter the interests of small businesses.
So while Sen. Lincoln defends the intentions of the SBA, why don’t we look at her intentions? As she preaches her support for small businesses, just know she receives a paycheck from Walmart. Lincoln, the NFIB and the SBA’s Office of Advocacy are a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Hixson is a spokesman for the American Small Business League, a California based advocacy group working to protect the interests of America's 28 million small businesses.