In a striking contrast to The Path to Prosperity, proposed and passed by House Republicans several weeks ago, the president put forward a budget that does not ever balance. The vast majority – 85 percent – of the American people believe we ought to have a balanced budget. It is the morally right thing to do. There is a real consensus that a balanced budget is just plain common sense. But on this point and others, the White House is flatly ignoring the will of the people.
House Republicans made a commitment in our budget to ensure each and every dollar taken out of the pockets of hard-working taxpayers are used wisely by government, not wasted on reckless spending. Any budget that restores fiscal sanity and bolsters accountability within government must put an end to the special interest loopholes, accounting tricks and gimmicks that are all too common in Washington. The plan the president is offering does not make that commitment.
The path the president’s budget envisions looks a lot like the one we are on right now – tax hikes to chase ever-increasing spending; an unfair and unworkable tax code that punishes American workers and job creators while rewarding the politically connected; higher fuel prices that are making it harder just to get by; the bankrupting of critical programs that are needed by so many of our fellow citizens; large budget deficits with no end in sight; more unemployment and a contracting economy; and the compounding of our national debt, the burdens of which will be passed on to future generations of Americans. That is the present and the future reality under President Obama’s budget, and it will add $8.2 trillion in new debt.
The path House Republicans have put forward would build a future of opportunity by growing our economy, not the government. We reaffirm our commitment to American seniors by saving and strengthening health and retirement programs like Medicare, not simply leaving seniors to cope with the current path of an unsustainable and unstable system. We repair the critical “safety net” programs so we may care for the sick, the poor and the elderly. It is a plan that calls for the safe exploration of our natural resources, so that the U.S. can become energy independent, which would reduce the costs of fuel, food and other expenses. Our budget also repeals the president’s health care package, a law so harmful that one of its primary authors, Democrat Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Senator Max BaucusMax Sieben BaucusGreen Party puts Dem seat at risk in Montana Business groups worried about Trump's China tariffs plan Farmers hit Trump on trade in new ad MORE admitted he’s worried it will be a “huge train wreck.”
Because it is unwise to take more from Americans to spend more in Washington, the House Republican path shows the way back to fiscal sanity and toward stronger economic growth without raising taxes by a single cent. Under the president’s budget, he wants American families and job creators to hand over another $1.1 trillion in new taxes. That is unacceptable. Citizens should keep more of their hard-earned money to save, spend and invest as they wish.
In fact, the House Republican budget goes a step further. We call for real solutions with tax reform, which would help us achieve a healthy economy. This means more good-paying jobs for American workers and more financial stability for their families. It means growing our economy to keep our country competitive in the global market place and encouraging innovation right here at home.
It’s time we have a government that is worthy of the people we represent. At minimum, that requires honoring our commitments to them. Republicans have passed a budget that does that and more. President Obama’s plan simply falls short – on policy and living up to the will of the American people.
Price is the vice chairman of the House Committee on the Budget. He is also a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. He represents Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.