Yesterday Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenDelaware pool where Biden worked as lifeguard named after him The Hill's 12:30 Report Biden rips Senate GOP healthcare bill, says it 'isn't about healthcare' MORE traveled to Cincinnati with a disingenuous message, telling the people of the Queen City that the bloated trillion-dollar "stimulus" spending bill rammed through Congress by Speaker Pelosi and the Obama Administration five months ago is succeeding in its mission. The Vice President’s rhetoric flies in the face of the tough reality the people of our state are confronting on a daily basis. In selling the “stimulus,” the Obama Administration promised jobs would be created immediately—within "weeks and months"—and said enactment of the trillion-dollar spending bill would prevent the national unemployment rate from going above 8 percent.

Five months later, these promises have been shattered. Job losses have continued to climb. The national unemployment rate is now 9.5 percent. Ohio’s unemployment rate is more than 10 percent, up significantly from where it stood at the time the “stimulus” was proposed, and we continue to hemorrhage jobs at a staggering rate.

Vice President Biden yesterday also repeated the disingenuous assertion that no one offered an alternative to the Democrats’ trillion-dollar "stimulus" spending bill that isn’t working. That is false. Vice President Biden was in the room last January when Republican Whip Eric CantorEric CantorWhat to watch for in Comey’s testimony Trump nominates two new DOD officials Brat: New ObamaCare repeal bill has 'significant' changes MORE and I presented President Obama with our plan to create more jobs by encouraging investment, and letting middle-class families and small businesses keep more of what they earn. But Democrats ignored that plan and took a go-it-alone approach to pass a trillion-dollar spending plan that isn’t working.

We can begin today working together to create and protect jobs by scrapping policies that will destroy even more American jobs, like Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax and a proposed government takeover of health finances by a new tax on small businesses and enact pro-growth policies that will put Ohioans and American back to work and get our economy on the right track.