When we passed the cash for clunkers legislation back in June, I said that it would provide a much needed boost to our auto industry, clean up our environment, help us achieve energy independence and stimulate our economy as a whole. After just one week, this program is already proving to be a tremendous victory for the American economy, and there is no better proof of success than success.

Thousands of Americas have utilized this program to buy roughly 250,000 new, more fuel efficient vehicles and our auto manufacturers are seeing a surge in sales as a result. This unprecedented response from consumers is proof that the government can successfully stimulate the economy.

I have been working closely with the White House, the Auto Task force and my Congressional colleagues to add additional funds to the program to keep it up and running and the White House has made every assurance that vouchers will continue to be honored while we work to extend the program. This program has been an unprecedented success and there are no plans to suspend it.

To continue this positive momentum, I joined my colleagues on Friday to introduce and pass legislation to redirect $2 billion from the economic stimulus bill to the cash for clunkers program. I am proud that the House of Representatives came together in a bipartisan manner to swiftly pass this important legislation. I urge my Senate colleagues to do the same as quickly as possible.”