The president and this Democrat Congress have demonstrated their apathy toward massive government spending at nearly every turn. They have approved a failed trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ bill, punted decisions on spending reductions to a drawn-out fiscal commission, failed to pass even the barest budget blueprint, and this week are pushing for over $30 billion in additional ‘jobs’ spending on a must-pass emergency troop funding and disaster assistance bill.

Now the president is trying to appear fiscally responsible by saying he’s going to cut certain items out of spending bills – ostensibly from accounts that, in total, make up less than one-tenth of one percent of the
federal budget. This plan not only intrudes on the constitutional authority of Congress to determine federal spending, but also would have only a minuscule effect on real savings for the American taxpayer.

The president’s proposal today is merely a public relations maneuver to distract the American people from the fact that his policies and those of the Democrat Congress have led us to unprecedented and devastating levels of deficit and debt. Our economy and our people are in crisis, and we should be focusing on what our constituents really want and need: genuine budget reform, less government spending, more jobs, and a stable economic future for our country.