Economy & Budget

Democrats have agenda to move America forward (Rep. Steny Hoyer)

When President Obama and the 111th Congress took their oaths of office, America was facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We were losing almost 800,000 jobs per month. Over a quarter of the personal wealth in America had been wiped out. We were in a record amount of debt. From the day we began our work, Congress had this overriding goal: stopping the freefall, creating jobs, and building a solid foundation for the future.


Currency reform bill may jeopardize US economy (Rep. Ron Paul)

The imbalances in international trade, and in particular trade between China and the United States, have prompted many to demand a realignment of the Chinese yuan and the American dollar. Since we are running a huge trade deficit with China the call now is for a stronger yuan and a weaker dollar. This trade imbalance problem will not be solved so easily.


If we’re serious about jobs, don’t stop job creation

Today, the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Emergency Contingency Fund will expire because a minority in Congress blocked the extension proposed by the president. This will put up to 100,000 jobs in jeopardy, raising unemployment and potentially even cost the government more money in additional public assistance funds. A strong commitment that the program will be restored when Congress returns could still save some of these jobs, and provide crucial help to workers, businesses and communities.


Parenthood exacerbates the gender pay gap

A significant portion of the persistent gender gap in earnings, among workers with equivalent qualifications and in similar jobs, is attributable to parenthood. The recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, “New Evidence on the Gender Pay Gap for Women and Mothers in Management,” shows that compared with male managers, women managers are far less likely to be married, to be parents, and have smaller family sizes.


Empowering small businesses means getting government out of the way (Rep. Harold Rogers)

Small business is the backbone of our economy.  They create new jobs, employ half of the private sector workforce, and represent 99.9% of the businesses in this country.  In recent years, small businesses have created 7 out of every 10 private sector jobs.  In tough economic times, the government should do everything in its power to help small businesses, not burden them with new regulations and higher taxes.   In order to jumpstart this economy, we must empower small businesses and give them the resources they need to create jobs and help put America back to work again.


No fluke: Republicans support off-shoring jobs

Like the clear results on a pH test strip, the vote in the U.S. Senate this week on the Creating American Jobs and Ending Off-Shoring Act showed Republicans’ true color: Red. Red for China. 

Or Mexico. Or Indonesia. Or anywhere multi-national corporations get tax breaks for exporting American jobs. In this test of loyalty, every Republican in the Senate voted for corporate greed over American workers.  


Gender pay and leadership gaps are real — and impact our economy

Generations have passed since America’s first women’s summit produced the Declaration of Sentiments at Seneca Falls, New York. This document listed an array of “injuries and usurpations” directed towards women, chiefly: “He has monopolized nearly all the profitable employments, and from those she is permitted to follow, she receives but a scanty remuneration.”


Eliminating bad tax expenditures is key to financial sustainability (Rep. Mike Quigley)

It’s no secret that the United States faces a budget crisis.

In Washington we have frozen aspects of domestic spending, while a bipartisan commission examines our deficits.  Meanwhile, across the country campaign rhetoric has been ratcheted up, as the calls echo from across the political spectrum to reconcile our spending with our finite resources.


Fiscal year ends in fiscal failure (Rep. Paul Ryan)

The fiscal year will end much as it began, with Congress exacerbating our unsustainable budget trajectory.  Consumed with their reckless borrowing and spending spree, House Democrats called it quits after failing to send any of the annual Appropriations bills to the President’s desk and failing to even propose a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Operating with no budget to prioritize taxpayer dollars, Congress agreed to a $1.1 trillion Continuing Resolution to keep the government from shutting down.