Economy & Budget

Gore & Warner Support Climate Change Bill

Former Vice President Al Gore and former Republican Senator John Warner, testified before the House Energy and Commerce committee in support of the committee's Climate Change Bill.


Corker, GOP's New Face on Economy

In an interview with The Hill Sen. Bob Corker(R-Tenn.) laid out what he thinks the key is to rebuilding the economy and where he thinks we can see an end to government bailouts.


Obama & Dems Talk Budget Passage

President Obama met with House Democrats Monday evening urging quick passage of his budget plan, which is set for a Thursday vote and is expected to pass.


AIG CEO Asked for Bonuses Back

AIG CEO Edward Liddy testified before the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday that he had asked employees who received large bonuses to return half of what they received.


Raising Taxes on Small Businesses Isn’t a Recipe for Job Creation (Rep. John Boehner)

At a time when American families and small businesses are hurting, raising taxes on any American should be out of the question. Unfortunately, the President’s massive $3.6 trillion budget contains $1.4 trillion in new taxes that will affect every American.

This budget spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much from our kids and grandkids.

Just how much does the administration’s plan tax and spend? There’s a $646 billion “cap and trade” energy tax; a $636 billion tax on income and small businesses; new taxes on investors by raising capital gains and dividend rates; a resurrection of the death tax; and a reduction in charitable deductions which will result in $4 billion less in donations each year to charities across America.

Davis-Bacon Hinders The Economy (Rep. Connie Mack)

Davis-Bacon is an antiquated policy that hinders economic opportunity by making fewer jobs available to fewer people.  Repealing it would create jobs, save money, and allow for more critical infrastructure projects to be completed.

That's why I offered an amendment today that would have stripped Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements from the Water Quality Investment Act.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Democratic majority in the House defeated my amendment.  They have made it very clear that they plan to usher in an era of expansive labor mandates and union giveaways that will stifle economic recovery and growth.  That's wrong.

We need to leave Davis-Bacon and these other failed Depression-era policies where they belong: in the history books!