We must favor policies that lower fuel prices and lift regulations that are contributing to even higher petroleum and energy prices. Since failing to pass their flawed cap-and-trade legislation, the Administration has been using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as backdoor to implement new harmful regulations and energy taxes. Recently, the House passed H.R. 910, The Energy Tax Prevention Act, in order to prevent the EPA from promulgating any regulation relating to climate change under the Clean Air Act.
While I agree with the president that we need to invest in the energy of tomorrow, the fact is, we cannot get to that point unless we address the current energy crisis. In the short-term, we must take steps to ensure our nation is not held hostage to the prices set by the Middle East. That means we need to look for new sources of oil in Alaska, on the Outer Continental Shelf and from shale in the west. We need to use American innovation to accelerate technology that burns coal in a cleaner way because it is an abundant energy source in our country. We also need to build new liquefied natural gas facilities, which will increase our natural gas supply. Over the long run, I believe we need to develop and implement new alternative energy sources and technologies.
The bottom line is we need an "all-of-the-above" energy policy to lower the unsustainable fuel price for many who are already financially stretched thin. We must pass sound energy legislation that puts us on the road to energy independence.